From the pages of the Houston Chronicle

Hubble 1990 to 1993

Bright promise
Mar. 28: Insects scope out the Hubble
Mar. 30: Hubble put aboard shuttle
Apr. 8: Deployment to require microscopic precision
Apr. 8: Vast vision
Apr. 8: Telescope's impact may rival work of Galileo
Apr. 8: Bright moment for Rice astronomer
Apr. 24: Shuttle soars into orbit with Hubble
Apr. 25: Shuttle starts new age of astronomy
Apr. 26: Astronauts deploy space telescope
Apr. 27: Hubble's lens cover opens to universe
Apr. 28: Problems plague first opening of Hubble in space
The trouble with Hubble
Sept. 14: Panel blames design defect for Hubble problems
Sept. 16: Errors discounted in making of Hubble
Sept. 28: Knowledge of Hubble's flaw will aid repair
Oct. 1: Experts try to coax Hubble to perform
Oct. 5: Hubble's images 'shockingly good'
Nov. 6: Hubble focuses on quasar
Nov. 16: Science verification phase begins
Nov. 21: Hubble captures storm on Saturn
Nov. 28: Hubble's troubles
1991 Jan. 24: NASA may fit Hubble with corrective mirrors
Feb. 20: Telescope dazzles some, leaves others in the dark
Mar. 3: Exploding star to gauge universe's size, age
Apr. 23: NASA marks Hubble's anniversary, plans repair
July 2: Corrections to fix Hubble telescope cost $20 million
July 31: Emergency rescue for troubled Hubble?
Nov. 4: Hubble telescope's flaws not fatal
Dec. 11: Hubble telescope shuts itself down
1992 Jan. 14: Telescope challenges theories of universe
Apr. 9: Evidence points to huge black hole
Apr. 21: Gloom over Hubble flaws fades, "terrific" discoveries
June 3: Hubble finds cluster of exploding stars
June 9: Hubble images show mysterious area
June 14: NASA plans repair strategy for Hubble
Oct. 9: Nature's "zoom lens" allows Hubble to spot galaxy
Nov. 20: Images from Hubble shed light on black holes
Dec. 2: Hubble sees back to the beginning
Dec. 17: Hubble returns data on planets
1993 July 17: Hubble backs theories about black holes
New glasses, a fresh start
Sept. 16: Astronauts test tools for Hubble repairs
Sept. 28: Hubble's new glasses OK
Nov. 3: NASA to check Hubble optical devices for grit
Nov. 28: Repairing Hubble
Dec. 3: Shuttle on mission to repair telescope
Dec. 6: Hubble piece is cast away from shuttle
Dec. 7: Hubble is fitted with a new "eye"
Dec. 9: Hubble's troubles resolved
Dec. 11: Mission's success expected to ease budget fight
1994 Jan. 14: Hubble's eyesight is 20-20


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