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Configuration Launch Mass Power
Launch configuration:Launch Site: Vandenberg, Ca (latitude 34°45')848 kg fully fueledRequired:
2.54 meters byLaunch Vehicle: Delta IIFuel 74 kg570 W
2.03 meters byPerigee: 702 km (436 mi)Solar Array:
2.29 meters Apogee: 704 km (437 mi)1228 W
Wingspan:Inclination: 98.20 degBattery:
5.08 metersPeriod: 98.80 min40 amp-hour
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Cloud Profiling Radar (CPR)—The CPR is a nadir-looking 94 GHz radar that measures the power backscatter from clouds as a function of distance from the CPR. The CPR will allow for the most detailed study of clouds to date and should better characterize the role clouds play in regulating the Earth’s climate.

CloudSat and CALIPSO Launch
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