The new testament of the King James Version of the Bible was orginally translated from a greek manuscript. Since the manuscript was written in greek it makes sense to study the greek words themselves to better understand the King James Bible. A word study is done on a specific greek word to detemine its exact meaning. When the greek word is better understood the meaning of different versus becomes more clear. As an example consider the greek word sozo which has been translated in the New Testament the following ways:

  1. save or saved
  2. whole
  3. healed
  4. preserve
  5. well

Complete listing of every verse that has sozo in it

Other greek words have also been translated "save or saved, whole, healed, preserve or well" which are not this same greek word. If we ignore the greek we will not fully appreciate God's Word.

To understand how sozo is used in each case it is necessary to review the context of each usage and determine how it should be translated.

It appears that word sozo is used in three different ways:

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