Welcome to the "He Who Has Ears to Hear Let Him Hear" Home Page.

I am very glad you're here. Make yourself at home. This webpage is dedicated to God our heavenly father and his son the Lord Jesus Christ. I am very thankful to God for his abundant mercy and grace and for his gift of the new birth which he gives to us freely. I am also very thankful for the ultimate sacrifice that the Lord Jesus Christ made for us to make it possible for us to become saved and come into a knoweledge of the truth, the Wonderful and Magnificant Word of God, the Holy Bible.

This webpage is written with the prayerful thought that it might bless you in some small way. I will work towards this goal and shall include within this website the Words of Life. I trust that these words will inspire you to new heights and lift your hearts and thoughts towards our God and Father. For it is these words, God's Words, which can make us free from the cares of this world.

What must I do to get born again?

Word study on the Greek word sozo