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Hello, my name is Andrew G. Bell (Andy). I work at ITT SSDITT (Space Systems Division) in Fort Wayne, Indiana as an electrical engineer for the last 19 years. I have designed space electronics for POES and GOES which are Meteorological (weather) Satellites. Prior to ITT I worked at GE (for 6 years) in Pittsfield, MA on numerous defense related programs. I graduated from SMU (now UMass at Dartmouth) in 1982 with a BSEE and from RPI in 1985 with a MSE. I have a Greenbelt (2004) from the University of Michigan. I am also in the process of getting my VBSS Black Belt through ITT.

I have three children Nathan 23, (an English Major grad from IU), Jonathan 19, (a Biochemistry Major freshman at IU), and Elisabeth 14, (our baby who is a freshman at R. Nelson High School Snider) and have been married to my wife Linda for 29 years. (Met her at a christian rock festival in '78 when I was in the USArmy.)

I just completed SYS632 and found the course to be really cool.

    Andy factoids:

  • Born Jan 1, 1954
  • My 3 brothers, sister, mom and dad all have the same first name initial "A"
  • Went to college on the GI Bill
  • My wife Linda is from NJ

Our two dogs - Sam and Jerry
Sam Jerry
Samuel (Winston) Bell is a Golden Retriever and is very well behaved and obeys hand and verbal commands. He loves tennis balls, he can actually lay on his back, balance a tennis ball in his two paws above his head and drop it into his mouth. He is Lindaís best friend. Sam is eight years old. Jerry (Seinfeld) Bell is a Labradoodle (Labrador/Poodle Ė a new breed) and is not trained, I think he has the recessive genes of both breeds. He is loveable but will eat just about anything. Recently he ate a mechanical pencil and my watch. Donít worry, he didnít swallow the pencil and passed the watch wristband with no problems. Jerry is three years old.