Welcome, to Cyberspace and the Custom Personal Webpage website. So you are thinking about getting your own webpage? It is really very easy and can be alot of fun. We have put this website together to help you get your very own slice of the web.

Here are the four easy steps:
Step 1: Pick what features you want from the different options available on this website.
Step 2: We will build your website based upon your inputs.
Step 3: You review your new website and tell us what you want changed.
Step 4: We update your website and we are done.
The process is really very easy and all it takes is a few minutes of your time to select what you would like your website to look like and contain. If you have questions about costs simply click on the "Cost" button below. Likewise, if you have other questions, you may look at the "Q&A", "Examples", "Anatomy of a Webpage" or "Common Terms" webpages by clicking on the corresponding buttons below. If you would like to e-mail us just click on the "E-Mail" button. Otherwise, if you're ready to get started, just click on the "Getting Started" button and we will begin to build your Website, NOW. Have Fun!!!
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